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NAIFA's Life Underwriter Training
Council Fellow

NAIFA’s LUTCF® is the training program that has prepared more than 70,000 insurance and financial advisors to survive and thrive in the industry.

Since 1984, the LUTCF® Designation Program has been considered the first designation any insurance professional should earn. When you earn the LUTCF® designation, you receive so much more than a recognized designation. You gain fundamental, yet critical prospecting, selling, and practice-management skills, along with a thorough working knowledge of life and multi-line products and services.

The curriculum integrates four practice specialties life insurance and annuities, health and employee benefits, multiline, and financial advising and investments providing both an overview of each but also addressing their interdependencies, which are critical for agents and advisors to understand when advising clients. Topics cover the real-life issues of today, from multigenerational homes to single-parent households and same-sex marriages.

Benefits of Earning the LUTCF® Designation
  • If you are a new agent or advisor, the LUTCF® program is the perfect way to kick-start your career.
  • The LUTCF® designation is recognized as the industry benchmark for insurance credentials and is endorsed by the top financial firms and insurance agencies.
  • You’ll develop fundamental prospecting, selling, and practice-management skills, plus working knowledge of insurance and investment products available to help clients manage risk.
  • Graduates of the LUTCF® program report increases in their earnings, client base, and even their job satisfaction after completing their studies.
  • Develop the skills that the top insurance agencies demand that agents need to know while advancing your own financial career.

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) is the sole owner of the Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow and LUTCF trademark.

Initial Requirements

The requirements for obtaining the LUTCF designation are as follows:

1) Education

Successful completion of the three courses that comprise the LUTCF education program is required. As part of the education program, students must view self-paced educational modules and complete student learner guides with input from a mentor. This mentor will be selected by the student or if necessary, NAIFA will select a mentor for the student. All fieldwork assignments for each course module must be completed in no fewer than two and no more than three weeks following the completion of the viewing of Topic content.

2) Examination

Individuals must pass an end-of-course examination covering the content of each educational module. Individuals must also pass an online test at the end of each of the three LUTCF Courses with a score of 80% or higher.

3) Designation Application

After the successful completion of the education program, individuals apply for authorization to use the LUTCF designation. This application requires the student to be a member in good standing with NAIFA and to adhere to the NAIFA Code of Ethics.

Students must complete the Designation Application within six months of completing the education program. Failure to complete this component within this time frame will result in termination of the individual’s candidacy.

Authorization to Use the Designation

Students who successfully fulfill the designation requirements receive a certificate and authorization to use the LUTCF designation. Authorization to use the designation is granted for an initial period of three years. Continued use of the designation requires the designee to renew prior to the end of the authorization period. Subsequent authorization periods are three years in length.

Renewal Requirements

Following the initial conferment of the LUTCF designation, authorization for continued use of the designation must be renewed every three years at the end of the authorization period. Subsequent authorization periods are three years in length.

Each designee applying for renewal is required to:

  • Complete a renewal application, pay a non-refundable renewal fee, and report continuing education (CE).
  • Designees are required to complete three (3) continuing education credits (hours) in the subject area of Ethics within the three-year authorization period. Designees must also complete a NAIFA-provided, self-study designation renewal course that provides updated information concerning LUTCF course content.


The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors reserves the right to amend or expand the requirements to obtain or maintain authorization to use the LUTCF designation without notice. Designees are responsible for staying up-to-date and meeting the current standards.

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