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NAIFA's Life Underwriter Training
Council Fellow

NAIFA’s LUTCF® is the training program that has prepared more than 70,000 insurance and financial advisors to survive and thrive in the industry.

The LUTCF® Designation Program, often considered the first designation any insurance professional should earn, has delivered value to more than 70,000 professionals since 1984. When you earn the LUTCF® designation, you receive so much more than a recognized designation. You gain fundamental, yet critical prospecting, selling, and practice-management skills, along with a thorough working knowledge of life and multi-line products and services.

The curriculum integrates four practice specialties life insurance and annuities, health and employee benefits, multiline, and financial advising and investments providing both an overview of each but also addressing their interdependencies, which are critical for agents and advisors to understand when advising clients. Topics cover the real-life issues of today, from multigenerational homes to single-parent households and same-sex marriages.

Benefits of Earning the LUTCF® Designation
  • If you are a new agent or advisor, the LUTCF® program is the perfect way to kick-start your career.
  • The LUTCF® designation is recognized as the industry benchmark for insurance credentials and is endorsed by the top financial firms and insurance agencies.
  • You’ll develop fundamental prospecting, selling, and practice-management skills, plus working knowledge of insurance and investment products available to help clients manage risk.
  • Graduates of the LUTCF® program report increases in their earnings, client base, and even their job satisfaction after completing their studies.
  • Develop the skills that the top insurance agencies demand that agents need to know while advancing your own financial career.

New and Revised in 2023!

The LUTCF® is currently under review and redesign in preparation for the launch of a newly designed curriculum in Q2 2023. The new curriculum will be optimized for online, on-demand learning while also adaptable to moderated group learning experiences. That means an individual advisor can pursue the LUTCF® designation at their own time and pace while agencies, companies, and other groups can coordinate a group experience combining the convenience of online learning with the dynamic benefits of group collaboration.

The LUTCF® program is not accepting new enrollments at this time. Students who previously enrolled in the program have this time to complete their courses and earn the designation before the new curriculum is launched.

Watch this space for announcements of the upcoming launch of the new LUTCF® program or email us at info@naifa.org to add your name to the distribution list for future announcements.