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LACP Exam Schedule and Registration

Apply to Take the LACP Exam

The proctored exams are administered by Scantron through a network of nearly 1,000 testing centers in cities throughout the world. The exam may also be taken without going to a testing center through a live online proctored format.  

The exam is offered during three month-long testing windows each year. All forms and applicable fees must be submitted by the specified deadlines. Forms submitted without appropriate fees will not be processed. 


Testing Window                               Application Deadline                     Late Deadline (+$50 Late Fee)    

Feb 1-29                                               Jan 1                                                         Jan 15    

June 1- 30                                           May 1                                                       May 15  

Nov 1-31                                              Oct 1                                                        Oct 15  




Cancellation/Rescheduling Request 

No later than 4 business days prior to testing appointment 

Candidate eligibility will be valid for 366 days, and candidates will be permitted only one testing attempt per window. If a candidate does not take the examination for which he or she applied or does not successfully complete the examination within the eligibility period, the application will be closed, all fees will be forfeited, and the candidate must submit a new application with the full fee. If a candidate misses the registration deadline but has eligibility remaining, the application will be credited toward the next testing window.  

Examination results will be available approximately four to six (4-6) weeks after the close of the testing window. Examination scores will be available through the online candidate system and will not be released by telephone or fax. When results are available, the candidate will receive an email with instructions on logging into the online system and accessing his/her score report. Results will be released to the candidate only. Results will not be released to a third party. In the case of an eligibility audit, examination scores will be held until the audit is complete. 

Individuals who do not pass the examination may retest during the next testing window. Candidates may not take the examination more than two (2) times in any 12-month period. 


Exam Fees 

Application and examination fees are $500 for NAIFA members, $700 for Non-NAIFA Members, and $500 for non-U.S. candidates. 

Other fees include: 

Re-examination Fee: $300, if retaking the exam within the 366-day eligibility period. Candidates will be allowed no more than one (1) testing attempt per testing window. If the candidate has not successfully passed the exam within 366 days, he or she must reapply and pay the full application and examination fees again. 

If a candidate is able to apply for re-examination, he or she will use the information noted in the Notice to Schedule (NTS) of the Candidates Handbook to pay the re-examination fee, receive a new NTS, and schedule a new testing appointment for the next testing window, not the current one. Candidates are allowed one testing attempt per window. 

Reschedule/Cancellation Fee – $50 

If a candidate schedules a testing appointment and wishes to reschedule the testing appointment within the same testing window, he or she can pay a rescheduling fee to cancel the current testing appointment and schedule a new appointment as long as the request is made at least four (4) business days prior to the original appointment date. If a candidate schedules a testing appointment and wishes to cancel the testing appointment, he or she may do so as long as the request is made at least four (4) business days prior to the appointment date and the cancellation fee is paid. Candidates whose applications remain eligible (366 days from the application submission) will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) email for the next testing window. The $50 rescheduling fee must be paid before scheduling a new testing appointment in the new testing window.