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LACP Recertification


In developing its recertification requirements, the Certification Commission serves its stakeholders with the goal that LACPs demonstrate continuing competence by maintaining the level of knowledge that the certification implies throughout the time the certification is valid. Recertification is defined as the process by which LACPs address their need to learn about new and emerging trends in the life insurance and annuity industry and document continuing education activity. Recertification helps to ensure that LACPs are informed about new insurance and annuity products, the changing needs of the public, and updates in regulations. The recertification program applies to all LACPs.

Recertification is required every three (3) years. Within the three-year period, certificants must document no less than 30 hours of continued education comprised of 10 CEUs within each of the three domains encompassed by the certification: life insurance and annuities product knowledge; consultative sales process; and ethical, legal and regulatory requirements from providers approved by the NAIFA Certification Commission (see list below), or they must take and pass the certification examination. There is no grace period. Certificants whose certification expires must submit an application that satisfies the then-current requirements and pass the certification examination.

In addition to maintaining industry licensure, certificants must also attest to working 500 or more hours per year in a practice that incorporates regular use of life insurance and annuities.

Candidates must complete and submit their recertification applications no later than 30 days prior to their certification expiration date and no earlier than 12 months prior to their certification expiration date. If the application is not completed within 180 days of opening, the application will be closed. Scantron and the NAIFA Certification Commission’s application processing fees are nonrefundable.

The fee for recertification is $300.

Applicable courses that address topics in the following three domains: life insurance and annuities product knowledge; consultative sales process; and ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements will be accepted from the following approved LACP continuing education providers:

  • Courses approved by State departments of insurance
  • Training provided by insurance companies / broker dealers
  • Programs offered by NAIFA National, State and Local organizations (i.e., NAIFA conferences and webinars, NAIFA Live)
  • NAIFA ClientCast Programs
  • NAIFA Learning Center Programs

Certificants may also include course content for consideration from providers that are not listed above when submitting their recertification with additional documentation to assist in appropriate review.

Continuing education providers that seek to be approved by the NAIFA Certification Commission can submit course content for review. Click here for the application form, along with a non-refundable $50 filing fee.