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Resources & Initiatives

NAIFA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources and Initiatives

NAIFA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force was first developed in 2000. The NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan called for the creation of the Task Force as a permanent part of NAIFA's business plan. The Task Force's goal under the plan is to chart a course to develop an association membership that represents Main Street USA and promotes financial security for all Americans by advocating for the 90 million American families that our members' industry serves. The Task Force created a prominent and successful NAIFA diversity program and continues its good work after rebranding as NAIFA's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council.

Industry Partnerships


NAIFA’s Christopher Gandy Is a DEI Ambassador

NAIFA Trustee Christopher Gandy is an influential thought leader within the insurance and financial services industry and a highly sought-after speaker for industry events who has been featured in such publications as Advisors Magazine, GQ, and InsuranceNewsNet.
He testified on behalf of NAIFA at a meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Special Committee on Race and Insurance about the need for insurance and financial products and services combined with financial literacy education in diverse communities. He discussed the industry’s need for greater diversity in the ranks of insurance and financial services professionals to reach these underserved communities.
"Wouldn't it make sense for insurance companies from top-down to look like their constituencies and the public they serve?" Gandy told the State Insurance Commissioners and other attendees. He also spoke about the work of NAIFA's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council. "NAIFA seeks to change the insurance industry from the inside out and make diversity, equity, inclusion, and acceptance part of our DNA," he said. “It is crucial that policymakers and leaders within the insurance industry understand and address disparities and inequities that impact the financial wellbeing of all Americans, particularly those in diverse communities that have been traditionally underserved.”

Industry Representation

NAIFA Diversity Symposium

The first Diversity Symposium was held in May 2017. Since that time, NAIFA has hosted at least one symposium each year. Even during the pandemic, the Diversity Symposium took on a virtual format. The initial purpose of the symposium was to provide participants with a forum to discuss strategies for creating and promoting diversity in the financial services industry. The program also serves as a resource for insurance and financial professionals to promote NAIFA's mission to provide financial security for all Americans.

The symposia have featured notable keynotes from industry professionals and DEI experts, as well as panel discussions featuring our members and advocacy partners. NAIFA was thrilled to come back to an in-person symposium in May 2022 in Washington, D.C., with support from Ameritas, AFLAC, and Equitable.  Please visit the archives for on-demand content from the 7th Annual DEI Symposium.

NAIFA’s Diversity Champion Award

This award recognizes exceptional efforts to promote the full and equal participation of diverse people within the insurance and financial advising profession. First awarded in 2017, the Diversity Champion, recognizes the value of our differences, and advocates for all members of our community. NAIFA embraces inclusion for all, including those who experience discrimination or under-representation.

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