Curriculum session Highlights

Session 1

Identifying One's Self

In this first session, you will be introduced to other participants, and become familiar with their strengths and personal learning style. You'll focus on topics such as self-talk,  rational thinking, what makes a good leader and complete the Kolb Learning Style Inventory.

Session 2

Mastering One's Self

The second session explores leadership fundamentals as you start to analyze your own vision and mission. Kouzes and Posner’s Six Disciplines of Credibility are featured in this section, and you’ll also study Maxwell’s Laws of Leadership.

Session 3

Developing One's Self

In this third session, you will develop your own business plan with emphasis on the One Page Business Plan®. You also will discuss Jim Collin’s “Good to Great Concepts” and Stephen Covey’s Habit #1, Be Proactive and Habit #2, Begin with the End in Mind.

Session 4

Developing the Leaders Around You

The fourth session explores team-building and you also will finalize your vision and mission statements. You’ll discuss Stephen Covey’s Habit #3, Put First Things First and Habit #4, Think Win-Win.

Session 5

Someday All This Will Be Whose

This fifth session will explore Steven Covey’s 5th Habit, Seek First to Understand, and Habit #6, Synergy. You’ll also present your business plan to your class and discuss the significance of mentoring and collaboration.

Session 6

The Journey Begins

The final session serves as commencement and transition. You’ll reflect on and review your personal strengths and weaknesses, learn how to identify and accept responsibility and discuss Steven Covey’s Habit #7, Sharpen the Saw.


 What can You Expect from LILI?

  • Creative and effective methods to develop and execute a business plan

  • Tools and techniques that enhance your practice

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced personal vision and mission statements and guiding principles

  • Improved professional and personal relationships

  • Increased understanding of one's self

  • Long-lasting bonds with classmates and LILI Alumni

70 percent of LILI graduates report a measurable increase in growth of their business



  • Must be a NAIFA member in good standing

  • Attend all six one-day sessions

  • Complete required assignments

  • Commit to two years of service as a NAIFA Leader

  • Pay student tuition

  • Be prepared to mentor and leave a leadership legacy