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Join "the new face of finance" for the Learning Lab, "How to Create a Powerful Message by Winning Stages," exclusively at NAIFA's Apex Sales Summit.

Caleb Guilliams will bring the engaging conversation and perspective of his BetterWealth Podcast live to you. This interactive coaching session will introduce concepts that are largely unknown and barely utilized among advisors. However, once learned and leveraged, Caleb’s insights can change everything.

After taking over the entire investment department of a bank by the age of 19 (and being the youngest person in history to accomplish this), Caleb saw first-hand how 98% of Americans were financially failing despite "professional" financial advising.

Incorporating this gained knowledge and perspective, Caleb went on to take the insurance industry by storm, all at the age of 22. He went on to found BetterWealth, authoring the best-selling book The AND Asset, and hosting the BetterWealth podcast.

At this can't-miss Learning Lab, Caleb Guilliams will show you:

  • How he defines a stage and why this definition is so important
  • The importance of combining leverage with value and how you do it
  • The OPA Strategy
  • Why you are probably not leveraging stages and how to fix this
  • Applying strategic thinking to the stages model

"How to Create a Powerful Message by Winning Stages" is an exclusive opportunity to meet, discuss, and ideate with Caleb in a face-to-face dynamic.

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